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by Grace Anshutz Jan 11, 2024

Thank You Dan Godec! 

In recognition of his remarkable tenure as our Board Chair, we express deep gratitude to Dan Godec for his transformative leadership. Dan’s unwavering dedication has fueled unprecedented growth in our programs, established meaningful community partnerships, and propelled our brand to new heights.

Under his guidance, our programs have expanded, exceeding goals and positively impacting our community. Dan’s strategic vision has forged impactful partnerships, strengthening our ties within the community we serve. Additionally, his leadership has elevated our brand, positioning us as a leader in innovation and community engagement.

Dan’s legacy extends beyond his official role, marked by his passion for our mission, ability to inspire, and commitment to our organization’s values. As we bid farewell to him as Board Chair, we are confident that his influence will continue to shape our organization’s future.

“I’d like to sincerely thank Dan for his invaluable leadership as board chair and we look forward to his continued thought leadership as an Emeritus Director”
– Jeff Malehorn, EVCF Incoming Board Chair

Dan would like to add, “Deep gratitude to the staff, volunteers, and patrons who have contributed to our success.  Special thanks to Mike Rushmore for his vision founding EVCF.”  

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