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Eagle Valley Community Foundation Volunteer

We are powered by people just like you.


Our volunteers make it possible for us to feed more than 4,500 people throughout the Eagle River Valley each week. And that’s just the beginning.

The most inspiring thing about the work we do is watching neighbors helping neighbors. As volunteers give of their time and talents to offer a hand-up to others living or working in the Eagle Valley, we see our community coming together in ways big and small, being inclusive and welcoming, and striving to create opportunities for all. Our volunteers tell us that they get as much out of the experience as the people they are helping, creating a full circle of kindness and appreciation.

For many, our picturesque county is also a picture of soaring costs and the inability to make ends meet. Many in our community rely on our programs to help fill the gaps in their lives when they need it most.

Daily Volunteer

  • Sorting and packing food donations at both The Community Market Location
  • Welcoming and supporting customers as they visit The Community Market
  • Supporting administrative tasks for MIRA and Eagle Valley Community Foundation

Food REscue & REcover Sustainability Opportunities

  • At EVCF, we exist to bridge the gap between good food that goes to waste and our neighbors experiencing food insecurity
  • Volunteers can assist in collecting food donations from local grocers, restaurants and partners through our rescue program
  • Once food is no longer fresh, it is composted at The Community Market

Group Volunteer Opportunities

  • Group volunteer experiences offer a phenomenal way to build camaraderie between peers, colleagues, neighbors, and friends
  • Create a meaningful and educational volunteer experience for your group.

Email us to get started.

Upcoming Opportunities

Volunteers can view available shifts at Gypsum or Edwards locations, and sign-up directly in the volunteer portal below.

For more information about volunteering or group volunteers, please contact Cooper Moore, Volunteer Supervisor, The Community Market , or 970-306-7194.

  • “Fresh food is not a privilege, it’s a right. The Community Market purchases and finds resources to get healthy food, and also rescues food. We are helping our community in providing that quality food and decreasing the amount of impact we are putting on our earth by finding alternative ways to recycle food, not just recycling it into the compost bins but to helping our community to get free, nutritious groceries.” – Erin Baumann, 2022 Volunteer of the Year

  • “I see the true appreciation from our customers. One woman approached to say, ‘Pat, I just want you to know that you literally feed my family!’ And that to me is about purpose. It’s why I do it and it gives me such a good feeling.” – Pat, Volunteer, Marriott Mobile Market

  • “We want students to be able to live the life that they want and to be involved in the community in the ways that they want to be. So, we give them a lot of opportunities during the three years they’re in the CLIMB (Community, Life skills, Independence, Meaningful employment and Belonging) program to engage in the community and try different activities — it’s a safe place for people to take risks and try different things. None of us, really, at the age of 18 know what we want to do.”– Donna Johnson, Transition Coordinator for Eagle County Schools and Volunteer 

  • 9,000+ Hours

    In 2022, our phenomenal
    Volunteers gave over 9,000 collective
    hours of service.

    Give your time. Get started

  • $1 = $9

    For each dollar you have given, we have been able to leverage an additional $9 in resources and financial support for our community.

    See all the ways we’re making an impact 


  • 4,000 Meals +

    3,000 Community Members

    The Community Market feeds more than 3,000 community members each week, providing on average 45,000 meals each week. 

    Give your time. Get started

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