Improving the QUALITY of LIFE in the Eagle River Valley, Colorado

What is the Eagle Valley Community Foundation?
(formerly Our Community Foundation)


The Foundation seeks to work within the community to ensure that all local families, and especially children, regardless of background, have access to services including healthy food, basic healthcare and early childhood education. Access to these foundational resources will support the continued development of a healthy and thriving community.


The Foundation has three objectives that support the continuous development of a healthy community, including:
Understanding: We partner with people and institutions to develop a deep understanding of the needs within our community;
Resources: We bridge the gap between the philanthropic components of the community and the programs that address the basic needs of the community, developing resources to manage the most critical programs in the community; and
Impact: We seek to have a significant positive impact on the lives of the under-served members of our local community.


The guiding principles that inform our work include:
Value of Broad Community Engagement: We believe that the wisdom of the entire community is greater than the wisdom of any individual or small group.
Cooperation: We believe in partnering with people and institutions that share our aspirations, and avoiding redundancy of missions and programs; and
Integrity: We believe that transparency and respect are the basis for building lasting trust and impact.

A thriving community is more than a wish. It is a goal we can grow into reality.

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If you’re interested in making more possible in the Eagle River Valley contact us!
Susie Davis, Director of Community Impact
Email | 970-977-1093