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Eagle Valley Community Foundations Staff and Volunteers About Us

We are conveners, building a community network of help and hope for all.

Our Work

We are a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial organization working passionately to provide responsive solutions that meet the most critical and emerging needs of those working or living in the Eagle River Valley. We believe that to support the economic security and prosperity of families throughout Eagle County, we must first meet the essential needs of those who are struggling to make ends meet. Through our programs, we provide immediate assistance and support to families who are dealing with food insecurity and a lack of access to health resources, and we also partner with individuals and organizations to build their own capacity as leaders, advocates, and empowered members of our community.

Our Programs

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Elevar - A program of Eagle Valley Community Foundation
Nonprofit Community Leadership
  • “While there may be multiple organizations addressing different specific areas of a community need, a Community Foundation is really an umbrella organization that can bring additional resources, be a catalyst among different programs and services, and fill gaps between needs and solutions. A Community Foundation such as ours can look at a problem and figure out multiple approaches to finding the most sustainable and impactful solutions.” – Mike Rushmore, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Eagle Valley Community Foundation

  • “People feel comfortable coming to The Community Market. No barriers, no presumptions. Shop for what your family needs. Here, nobody is ashamed. It’s a real market and there is dignity in shopping here.” — Beth Simon, Volunteer and Donor

  • “The community really trusts the people who work and volunteer on the MIRA bus and know they are going to receive good care. We are able to take some of the services that are offered at clinics and hospitals and bring them to the community, to people’s homes who might not otherwise be able to access care. Most of the patients we see don’t have insurance, so helping themto navigate the system and provide basic health screenings is critical to their health and wellness.” – Kyler Hijmans, Nurse Practitioner

We are driven by a vision of inclusion, a mission that includes treating every person with respect and dignity, and values that are both compassionate and collaborative.

Our Vision

A community network that works together to build trust, hope, and wellness for all.

Our Mission

EVCF provides access to programs and resources that support wellness, healthier food and other essential needs in our community while embracing individual dignity and a commitment to sustainability and quality.

Our Values


We aspire to be courageous about issues of equity and inclusion. We challenge ourselves to continually expand our organizational impact.


We believe that a just society can become a reality when it is based on the inherent value that’s tied solely to each person’s humanity.


We carry out our work with responsibility, transparency and accountability.


We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity and openness to transformational change.


We believe in the value of working with others and achieving together what may not be possible alone.

Our work is timely, crucial and trusted.

Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium data shows that only 16.5% of jobs in Eagle County paid a living wage (80% AMI) at the start of 2020, and that has only worsened with increasing inflation. The people we serve are hard-working individuals who often work multiple jobs to support our resort economy, and they still can’t make ends meet. They are dealing with the high cost of housing, limited access to childcare, rising costs of food and healthcare, and limited access to public transportation.

These are the families that ensure our community thrives and they are who we are committed to supporting, serving and working beside to address their challenges and offer them opportunities for a hand up.

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