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We know that to improve wellness, we need to bring resources to where people need us most.

MIRA – Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance

MIRA delivers resources and services directly to neighborhoods, community sites and workplaces throughout Eagle County.

When it comes to promoting wellness for the people who live and work in Eagle County, MIRA is about taking down barriers, making people feel welcome, providing education about available resources and helping those we serve navigate it all. The MIRA bus is a one-stop integrated and culturally relevant way to connect people to basic health education and screenings, support in applying to public assistance programs, food resources, workforce development, coordination with childhood programming and more. MIRA is relevant and trusted, as resources and services available on MIRA change based on community needs and priorities.

“Through the MIRA Bus, we connect individuals with health and wellness resources. We understand how hard it is to make ends meet when you live in our beautiful valley. Some families have two or three jobs and they are trying to also find time to spend with their children and schoolwork. When you add in other issues like a lack of transportation and language differences, they simply feel there are too many barriers to going to the doctor or prioritizing their health. MIRA helps create a caring, trusted network that comes together for them – and brings services to them – as it builds hope, trust, and wellness for all.” – Melina Valsecia, Eagle Valley Community Foundation Executive Director

MIRA’s resources and services are provided by a wide variety of local community organizations to achieve these goals:

  • Strengthening families focusing on strengths and aspirations by encouraging active participation and increasing the self-sufficiency of community members.
  • Build a sense of belonging in underserved individuals living in Eagle Valley by increasing or improving relationships between community members and community organizations.
  • Creating opportunities for community involvement in defining and addressing service needs and facilitating connection with organizations with emphasis in linking people with medical and dental homes.
  • Promote cultural and linguistic competence that reflect the community served.

MIRA brings FREE resources and services throughout Eagle County:

  • Information/referrals to medical services, behavioral health (adults/children), dental services, early childhood, parenting, and physical activity programs.
  • Enrollment to assistance programs: Medicaid, SNAP, The Benefit Recovery Fund, and WIC
  • The Community Market: FREE food
  • “The community really trusts the people who work and volunteer on the MIRA bus and know they are going to receive good care. We are able to take some of the services that are offered at clinics and hospitals and bring them to the community, to people’s homes who might not otherwise be able to access care. Most of the patients we see don’t have insurance, so helping them to navigate the system and provide basic health screenings is critical to their health and wellness.” – Kyler, Nurse Practitioner

  • Eagle Valley Community Foundation is a team of passionate individuals dedicated to building trusting relationships with the community members we serve. MIRA and The Community Market invite the community into safe spaces where everyone is welcomed. Through our programs people are able to access resources to obtain wellbeing and live
    a healthier life.” – Dariza Martinez, MIRA Program Manager

Our Partners

The services of MIRA are provided by a wide variety of local community organizations. These partnerships are helping to bring health and wellness resources directly to those in need.

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