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We believe in inspiring collective action to meet local challenges.

Our Programs

Through our programs, we not only aim to provide immediate assistance and support to families who are suffering from food insecurity and a lack of access to health resources, we also partner with community members to build their capacity and empower them as leaders and advocates. We are compassionate listeners and innovative problem-solvers – providing responsive solutions to the most emerging needs of those living and working in the Eagle Valley community.

“When community members come to our programs, we know they have a story to tell. We establish trusted relationships and work to learn how to best meet their needs and find long-term solutions. We don’t just support them with food and wellness connections, we offer a true helping hand.”

EVCF will continue to meet the most urgent and emergent needs of our community members and ensure that people have access to the most basic essential needs.

EVCF strengthens community connections in the Eagle Valley by using our expertise to lead and advocate for equity and social justice. We understand that strong voices are required to see transformational change. We are achieving this by:

  • Actively assessing the needs of the community and responding while bridging the gaps of inequality.
  • Sustaining, upgrading, or building new partnerships that are strategic, transparent, and effective.
  • Fostering an inclusive and engaged community through creating trusting, reliable relationships.
  • Developing expertise around complex issues that impact quality of life in the Eagle Valley and collaborating with partners to build systems and understanding, and gather resources dedicated to strengthening our community.
  • “While there may be multiple organizations addressing different specific areas of a community need, a Community Foundation is really an umbrella organization that can bring additional resources, be a catalyst among different programs and services, and fill gaps between needs and solutions. A Community Foundation such as ours can look at a problem and figure out multiple approaches to finding the most sustainable and impactful solutions.” – Mike Rushmore, Co-Founder, EVCF

  • “The Nonprofit Leadership semi-annual event has become a fun opportunity to network, make new friends and share best practices. I look forward to the collaborations that often result spontaneously!” — Beth Slifer

  • 59%

    of food distributed is
    fresh produce.

    In one year alone, through our food rescue partners, we rescued nearly 600,000 pounds of food from grocers, 32,053 pounds from farmers, and 10,000 pounds from local restaurants.

    See how we’re making an impact

  • 2,496

    visits with 4, 922 referrals

     and connections made to vital health and medical resources through MIRA .


    Learn more about MIRA

  • 11,907

    gallons of water

    saved thanks to The Community Market recycling efforts. 

    Learn more about this programs’ impact

  • Less than 30%

    of Eagle County business are woman owned

    and only 8% of all businesses are owned by a person of color, and even less for women of color.


    Learn how we are helping to make change

  • 141

    school lunch debts were paid

    in 2022 early childhood programs in the school district.


    See how we’re making an impact

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