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Elevar Advisory Committee Meeting

Elevating local community members to lead and excel.

The Elevar Program

Reimagining the systems of leadership and decision-making to be inclusive, innovative, and equitable for all.

Elevar is an emergent leadership development program and social impact fund that provides community investments through grantmaking and program-related investments to emerging Latinx leaders and people of color. Through existing programs and partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, EVCF’s Elevar fund will create the connection point between existing education and leadership training programs, to the resources needed for emerging leaders to make their dreams a reality, while building economic power, and creating a more empowered and socially just community.

Our vision is to collectively build a community that embraces diversity, honors inclusivity and actively works to dismantle the systems and institutions that prevent communities of color from having a voice and leadership roles across all aspects of society. We will listen, learn and collaborate to activate community power, create space for community voice, and give the communities we serve an opportunity to create and implement ideas with, by and for communities of color throughout Eagle County.

Why Elevar?

Less than 30% of businesses in Eagle County are women owned and only 8% of all businesses are owned by a person of color, and even less for women of color. Even fewer people of color hold leadership roles in businesses, on nonprofit boards, and at decision-making tables within our community. EVCF has identified this gap and a need to create more equitable opportunities for people of color to grow as nonprofit leaders and successful business owners.

There are two key components that make up the Elevar program:

Members of the Elevar Steering Committee are identified by local nonprofit organizations and community leaders who have identified leadership potential among people of color or low-income members of our community who have had a lack of access to resources to advance their leadership journey.

  • The Elevar Steering Committee members will benefit from community-based peer support through small, tight-knit cohorts, community leader mentorship and other leadership development training in order to give them direct experience on a board and in philanthropic grantmaking.
  • The Elevar Steering Committee is comprised of 9-15 members who are responsible for creating an application process, identifying potential grantees, reviewing proposals, and ultimately recommend funding of 5-7 grantees (to be approved by the EVCF board). Elevar Steering Committee members are paid a stipend for participation to create more equitable opportunity to participate in the committee.

COMING SOON – Elevar Grant Application

 Elevar Advisory Board Callout Meeting
 Elevar Advisory Board Callout Meeting

Professional development and capital investments through grantmaking.

Elevar’s Advisory Board brings together diverse representatives of all stakeholders affected by our grantmaking to make funding decisions, the collective expertise and experiences of the group leads to more effective and equitable grantmaking decisions and increased impact. Thank you to these individuals who have been selected to lead Elevar as Advisory Board members.

  • Arturo Zuniga
  • Luz Rios
  • Simone Lybarger 
  • Aileen Pagán-Rohwer 
  • Michelle Collins
  • Inés María Amuchástegui
  • Marcel Asprilla
  • Cecilia Galardo
  • Luz Parra
  • Cindy Ramos
  • Sofia Fecchino
  • Deisy Vazquez

2023 Elevar Staff Leads

  • < 30%


    Less than 30% of businesses in Eagle County are women owned and only 8% of all businesses are owned by a person of color, and even less for women of color. Even fewer people of color hold leadership roles in businesses, on nonprofit boards, and at decision-making tables within our community.

  • 18.5%


    of the population in the USA are Hispanic but just 4 percent of the executive ranks.


    See all the wasy we’re making an impact

  • Only 30%


    of junior managers say they have access to mentorship programs or on-the-job training.


    See how we are making change

Our Partners

Thank you to our partners who are committed to supporting entrepreneurs building sustainable and impactful businesses in the Eagle Valley community.

We are thrilled to highlight our dynamic partnership with Eagle County Government, which extends to each of our programs. This collaboration is driven by our mutual commitment to addressing pressing community issues.

Funding from the Eagle County Government has allowed the MIRA program to flourish, transforming an RV into a mobile resource center that brings essential resources, like WIC and the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program, directly to underserved communities. We must also express our profound gratitude for Liduvina, our ECO bus driver and resource connector extraordinaire, who has become a cherished and crucial part of the program and our EVCF family.

Additionally, our partnership extends to the support of The Community Market, ensuring that fresh groceries are readily available to neighbors in need. Most recently, donating 4H meat to our Markets.

Furthermore through a new grant program, they are proud to stand behind and support our Elevar leadership development program, which empowers individuals in our community to reach their full potential.

Eagle County Government's commitment and compassion in serving the community have been invaluable to the success of EVCF. Together, through this unique partnership, we are making a significant and lasting impact on the lives of those we serve!
Meet Elvia, a resilient and compassionate member of our community. A local resident, Elvia's daily routine reflects her unwavering dedication to her family and her commitment to giving back. 

At 5 am, Elvia begins her housekeeping job, tirelessly working to make ends meet for her family. Her work ethic and determination are truly commendable. Yet, her day doesn't end there. After her shift, she selflessly travels to The Community Market in Edwards to volunteer her precious free time. There, she assists in preparing the market for the influx of customers, a task she carries out with a warm smile, knowing firsthand what it's like to patiently wait in line as a customer herself.

Elvia's journey with The Community Market began when she faced a challenging period in her life. After breaking her wrist, she found herself burdened with mounting hospital bills and the relentless pressure of daily living expenses. It was then that Elvia turned to The Community Market for support. In this trying time, The Community Market has been a lifeline for her family, ensuring they have access to the food they need to thrive.

Gratitude runs deep in Elvia's heart. She is profoundly thankful for the unwavering support of the Eagle Valley Community Foundation through The Community Market. In her heart, she feels an undeniable call to volunteer and give back to the very community that has provided her family with essential assistance during their times of need. Elvia's story is a testament to the strength of community bonds, the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of reciprocal support within our local neighborhoods.
This month at Eagle Valley Community Foundation, we're especially thrilled to join the nationwide observance of Hunger Action Month and celebrate the richness of Hispanic Heritage Month, a time when we reaffirm our commitment to addressing the pressing issue of food insecurity while honoring the diverse cultures and contributions of the Hispanic community through our program, The Community Market. 

The Latino and Hispanic community plays a critical role in the food system of the U.S. According to a National Agricultural Survey, around 83% of farm workers are Hispanic. Latino people also make up around a quarter of restaurant workers and are heavily involved in roles throughout the supply chain. It is safe to say that our food system as we know it would not be the same without the contributions of this community.

Sadly, despite their huge contributions to the food system, Latinos are more likely to be food insecure and to live in frontline communities that experience the effects of pollution and environmental degradation firsthand. That experience, along with deeply held cultural practices of not wasting resources means being green comes naturally to many Latinos. This applies to the food waste movement as well, with many influential and impactful initiatives coming from the community.

Join us in honoring his hard work by considering your role in the food system and joining us in the solution at The Community Market!
👋Going grocery shopping at City Market TODAY⁉️⁉️⁉️

Food Bank of the Rockies has graciously arranged for EVCF's food pantry 🍎The Community Market🍎 to be at City Market locations in Eagle, Avon and Vail TODAY from 9am-3pm, collecting donations to help feed locals experiencing food insecurity.

🙏Please consider donating food items and household supplies to help those families in need in our valley. 

🧡ACTION🧡 for Hunger Action Month

#takeaction #HungerActionMonth #endhunger #citymarket #foodbankoftherockies
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