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by Grace Anshutz Jan 11, 2024

Volunteer of the Month- Betsy McGuire

In the spirit of gratitude and community appreciation, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on our exceptional Volunteer of the Month for January: Betsy McGuire!

Betsy, along with her husband Larry, has been an invaluable part of The Community Market family, selflessly dedicating their time and efforts to make a positive impact. Beyond their work at The Community Market, Betsy takes the lead in coordinating local Project Linus efforts. Her passion for giving back radiates as she successfully rallied her community to create over 200 blankets for our clients and customers at the recent Posadas event.

Betsy’s creativity knows no bounds, and her talents as a craftswoman are truly remarkable. Many of the warm, beautiful blankets distributed during the event were handmade by Betsy herself. Her commitment to spreading warmth and comfort in our community is a testament to the power of compassion and the ripple effect that one person’s dedication can have.

Betsy McGuire, you are not just a volunteer; you are a beacon of generosity and kindness. Your efforts have touched the lives of so many, bringing joy and comfort during this festive season.

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