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by Jennifer Barcza Dec 1, 2023

REcover: A Program of Eagle Valley Community Foundation

Who We Are

Eagle Valley Community Foundation (EVCF) provides access to programs and resources that support wellness, healthier food, and other essential needs in our community while embracing individual dignity and a commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and quality.

What We Do

EVCF addresses issues around food insecurity, food waste, and sustainability in our community through The Community Market (TCM). TCM provides access to free, nutrient-rich food throughout the Eagle River Valley. Based on the three critical pillars of healthy peoplestrong communities, and environmental sustainability, we afford all customers barrier-free access to groceries of their own choosing at our two storefront locations and various mobile markets.

More than 38 million Americans lack reliable access to nutritious meals. In Eagle County alone, over 8,700 community members are food insecure. Meanwhile, 108 billion pounds of food go uneaten in the U.S. — the equivalent of 40% of the country’s food supply.

REcover exists to bridge the gap between perfectly good food that goes to waste and the demand for meals that many of our food-insecure neighbors face.

Our Solution- REcover

At EVCF, we exist to bridge the gap between good food that goes to waste and our neighbors experiencing food insecurity. We aim to create better connections in our food system by partnering with restaurants, food purveyors, and companies to collect and utilize their excess food to provide meals to the community.

REcover Certified is a certification program with restaurants and food establishments to provide nutritious food to communities impacted by food insecurity.  Any business that has excess food that could be going to waste can be a partner! These partners can include:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • ​Schools​
  • Performing Arts & Sports Arenas
  • Farms
  • Farmers’ Market
  • Hotels & Convention Centers

“When I found The Community Market, I was surprised there was a wide variety of produce, meat and dairy. So many healthy options to feed my family. The Community Market fed me and my daughter, without asking questions, without judging in any way. They just welcomed me and supported me.” -Hayde, TCM Customer

Why Become REcover Certified?

Lead Change

  • You are part of a community across the food ecosystem committed to addressing two of our community’s most pressing and interconnecting issues: food waste and food insecurity.

Give Directly

  • You directly impact our local community by providing nutritious and culturally relevant meals to over 16,000 community members each month.

Amplify Your Impact

  • We track and report the impact of your funding on the community. We also amplify partners through our network, newsletter, social media, and other marketing platforms.

Logistics Support

  • We provide volunteer and staff support for the pick up of excess food.

Qualify for Gift Deduction

  • Being REcover Certified means you may qualify for various tax benefits, we provide receipts for all donations.

How To Get Involved- Businesses

  • Contact Eagle Valley Community Foundation to get set up as a REcover partner. Then a volunteer or staff rescuer will pick-up and drop-off the excess food. It’s as easy as that!

The Good Samaritan Act provides liability protection for food donations and we have an easy to follow set of donation guidelines as well as a team ready to answer any of your questions!

How To Get Involved- Volunteering

1. Sign Up– Sign up​ and create your account.

2. Find– View the available rescues and pick one that fits your schedule.

3. Arrive– Arrive at the local food donor at the date and time you selected and follow the directions outlined in the rescue information.

4. Deliver– Drive the food to The Community Market and see the impact of your volunteer time!

The average food rescue takes approximately 30 minutes. Our food rescues are designed to be convenient for rescuers and quick so that the food spends minimal time in transport.

Want to Learn More? Contact Us!

  • (515) 537-0551
  • @TheCommunityMarketCO

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