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by Grace Anshutz Dec 1, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Please consider volunteering or donating to The Community Market

In 2020, I began my journey with the Eagle Valley Community Foundation and The Community Market. During the pandemic, I aspired to make a difference for those in the valley who needed assistance. It was important to keep my charitable giving local, so I became a donor. Later, I volunteered once a week at The Community Market. I witnessed firsthand how my giving and volunteering had an effect.

Sorting rescued food and stocking the market’s shelves are the main tasks for volunteers. 

Every day, a team collects items from grocery stores, specialty markets, and restaurants in the valley that can’t be sold. Then, volunteers sort this food and either compost it or package it for the market shelves. These tasks have a direct impact on our community and our environment. Composting prevents food from ending up in landfills and benefits the environment. Food packaging boxes and plastics are recycled which is also eco-friendly. Finally and most importantly, our needful community members benefit from the use of good food that would otherwise go to waste.

As the need for food here in the valley continues to rise, volunteers are kept busy stocking The Community Market’s shelves. It brings me joy to see families taking advantage of nutritious and healthy food, and to know that I have contributed in a small way.  

Summer and fall are an exceptional time to see my favorite local impact at the market. The Community Market leverages funds and donations to collaborate with local farmers to offer Colorado-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. It warms the heart to see Western slope corn and peaches on The Market shelves.

You have the opportunity to make a difference locally as well. Please consider donating to or volunteering for the Eagle Community Valley Foundation and The Community Market. To learn more, go to

Diane Webster

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