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by Grace Anshutz Dec 1, 2023

Applications for Eagle Valley Community Foundation’s grants to empower minority entrepreneurs will close Nov. 15

The Eagle Valley Community Foundation recently announced the launch of the Elevar grant program, an initiative dedicated to uplifting entrepreneurs who identify as Latino, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in Eagle County. Accessible at, this transformative program offers a wealth of resources and support to empower BIPOC individuals, fostering economic growth and community resilience.

Eagle Valley Community Foundation not only aims to provide immediate assistance and support to families who are suffering from food insecurity and a lack of access to health resources through The Community Market and MIRA, but also to partner with community members to build their own capacity as leaders, advocates and empowered members of our community through Elevar.

The Elevar program is a visionary endeavor aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by BIPOC entrepreneurs, including access to capital, business development opportunities and mentorship. By providing a platform for BIPOC entrepreneurs to access resources, connect with experienced mentors and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, the Eagle Valley Community Foundation is committed to driving economic equity and prosperity in the region.

Key highlights of the Elevar program for BIPOC entrepreneurs include:

  • Business development resources: Tailored guidance, workshops and tools to nurture business growth.
  • Access to capital: Support through grant funding and financial resources for startups and expansions.
  • Mentorship and networking: Partnerships with successful BIPOC business leaders who provide guidance and support.
  • Community engagement: Opportunities for entrepreneurs to give back and contribute to the community.
  • Economic empowerment: A robust support network to foster economic self-sufficiency and community development.

Grant applications for entrepreneurs will close on Nov. 15. Interested community members are encouraged to visit Eagle Valley Community Foundation’s website to learn more about the grant program and to apply. Following the application period closure, the Steering Committee will select five to seven entrepreneurs to receive the first set of $5,000 grants.

“The launch of the Elevar program signifies a major step forward in promoting economic equity and opportunity in the Eagle Valley region,” said Melina Valsecia, executive director of the foundation. “We are dedicated to ensuring that BIPOC entrepreneurs have the resources and support they need to thrive and positively impact our local economy.”

To apply or learn more the Elevar program, visit

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