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by Grace Anshutz Sep 13, 2023

Exciting News! Our Executive Director is all set to make waves at the Mobile Healthcare Association Annual Conference!

👨‍💼 We’re thrilled to announce that our very own Melina is representing Eagle Valley Community Foundation and MIRA at the upcoming Mobile Healthcare Association Conference. Melina is joined by Vail Health NP Kyler to present on the partnership between the two organizations. 🤝

👥 This conference is the ultimate gathering for mobile healthcare enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. It’s THE place to be for those passionate about enhancing healthcare through mobile technologies. 💡

🌟 What can you expect from Melina’s participation?

📚 Gaining insights from top professionals in the field.
🤝 Networking with like-minded colleagues who share the same vision.
💬 Sharing and learning best practices and experiences in the mobile healthcare realm.

Join us in wishing Melina the best of luck as she embarks on this exciting journey to exchange knowledge and foster innovation in the mobile healthcare arena! 🚀🏥 #MobileHealthcareConference#InnovationInHealthcare#Leadership

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