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by Grace Anshutz Sep 11, 2023

Eagle Valley Community Foundation wants you to join the movement to end hunger

The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks is rallying together this September to launch Hunger Action Month, a month-long campaign designed to spark meaningful conversations and ignite passion for addressing the issue of hunger. Leading the local charge is the Eagle Valley Community Foundation’s The Community Market.

This initiative aims to shed light on the profound impact of food on individuals’ lives, emphasizing that a meal is more than just sustenance — it’s the catalyst for transformation, propelling individuals from mere survival to true prosperity. Collective voices, actions, and commitment can help ensure every community in Eagle County has the food it needs to flourish.

“Understanding hunger is the key to unlocking a world where no one goes to bed with an empty stomach”, said Melina Valsecia, the executive director of Eagle Valley Community Foundation. “Awareness is our compass, guiding us toward a future where every meal is a promise of hope and no one is left behind.”

Nourishing communities and individuals to thrive is a universal goal, and in every corner of the community, individuals are working tirelessly to provide for themselves and their families. However, Feeding America’s estimations reveal that approximately 1 in 6 individuals sought charitable food assistance in 2022.

A recent survey conducted by Feeding America found that, as of June 2023, 80% of network food banks reported either increased or stable demand for emergency food services. This includes nearly 35% of responding food banks noting an uptick in the number of people they serve. The majority of these organizations also report rising food purchase costs and dwindling food donations over the past four months.

This is no different in Eagle County, where The Community Market has seen firsthand the impact of increasing demand and rising food costs. The market is serving over 4,500 people per week, a 60% increase, coupled with an over 70% increase in food costs averaging over $16,300 per week compared to $9,400 last year. The local markets and the local residents who rely on them are at the limit of what they can afford.

But beyond each of these numbers is the story of one neighbor whose life was changed because of your support. One of those clients is Hayde.

Hayde shares, “After my divorce, I was left with nothing. Because of my income from my job, I didn’t qualify for aid and couldn’t access help for rent or food stamps that would ease my financial situation a little bit. I could only pay for a room for myself and my daughter, and I didn’t have enough left to buy food. When I found The Community Market, I was surprised there was a wide variety of produce, meat and dairy. So many healthy options to feed my family. The Community Market fed me and my daughter, without asking questions, without judging in any way. They just welcomed me and supported me.”

To stand in solidarity with food banks and neighbors experiencing food insecurity, individuals across the nation can engage in Hunger Action Month by listening, acting and encouraging others to raise their voices against hunger.

Listening and Learning:

  • Visit and volunteer at The Community Market by checking out opportunities on the EVCF website. Shifts start with just two hours at either location in Gypsum or Edwards.
  • Connect a group — we would love to have your work school, or church group volunteer together!

Committing and Acting:

  • Donate to support hunger relief efforts either online at or by mailing a check to PO Box 1580 Vail, CO 81658
  • Show your support by wearing orange throughout the month of September, or on Hunger Action Day, Friday, Sept. 15, to raise awareness and demonstrate your commitment to ending hunger.

Speaking Up and Advocating:

  • Join the conversation and share your support on social media with the hashtags #HungerActionMonth and @TCMTheCommunityMarket.
  • Sign Feeding America’s petition urging members of Congress to fortify critical nutrition programs in the 2023 Farm Bill, which benefit seniors, families, children, active military members, and individuals across the nation.

Hunger Action Month calls upon everyone across the nation to unite against hunger. You can choose to donate or advocate, volunteer or raise awareness. You can choose to be a part of the solution to end hunger. Discover more about how you can take action by visiting

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