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by Cheryl Patrick Aug 29, 2023

Melina Valsecia named Executive Director

The Eagle Valley Community Foundation selects Melina Valsecia as its executive director. Valsecia has managed MIRA (Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance), a partnership program with Eagle Valley Community Foundation, since 2018.

“The entire board is proud of the work that Melina has done with MIRA, and we are confident that Melina will extend her positive influence in this new role,” said Mike Rushmore, Eagle Valley Community Foundation’s founder and board chair, in a news release. “Melina’s combination of education, work experience, understanding, professionalism and dedication is remarkable. We are excited to work with Melina to maximize the foundation’s impact on our community with Melina’s energy and leadership.”

Chris Lindley, the executive director of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, has partnered with Valsecia, and echoed his support: “Melina’s deep commitment to building community, and ability to bring people together aligns well with Eagle Valley Community Foundation’s vision and values. I am pleased to continue our partnership with the team at the community foundation, and excited to have Melina leading the charge.”

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