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by Grace Anshutz Apr 2, 2024

Partnership Spotlight- Vail Valley Partnership and Peak Business Management

A huge thank you to Anna Robinson, Program Manager at Vail Valley Partnership and to Lisa Jerome, Orlando Sequera, and Barbara Waters from Peak Business Management (an authorized training partner of the Project Management Institute) for allowing Veyra Gamboa, The Community Market Operations Manager, Orlando Ortiz, MIRA Bus Program Manager and Virginia Lecea, Director of People & Programs of Eagle Valley Community Foundation attend the Discipline Agile Scrum Master Course!

This was an incredible development opportunity for our Operations. Now we can be more efficient in providing more value to our community. Over the course of two weeks we spent 14 hours training and we all enjoyed every minute of it. “Now that we attended this course as a team, we are all speaking the same language in finding ways to be a more Agile team, we are grateful to the Vail Valley Partnership and Peak Business Management for providing us with this incredible development opportunity,” said Virginia Lecea.  

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