Eagle Valley Community Foundation is dedicated to improving wellness in the Eagle River Valley.

MIRA – Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance

What is MIRA?

The goal of MIRA is to bring resources and services TO people. MIRA aims to serve as a single-stop, comprehensive, integrated and culturally relevant approach to resource connection and service delivery where people are. MIRA travels to neighborhoods, community sites and workplaces throughout Eagle County. Resources and services available on MIRA change based on community needs and priorities. Examples of available resources include basic health education and screenings, support in applying to public assistance programs, food resources, workforce development, and coordination with early childhood and physical activity programming, just to name a few. The resources and services are provided by a wide variety of local community organizations.

MIRA Locations & Schedule

This program was funded by an EVCF Founding Family with interest in supporting the mental health of local military veterans.

Mental Wellness

Suicide is Eagle County’s fourth leading cause of death.

Eagle Valley Community Foundation is working with local partners to enhance resources, increase access to care, and assure crisis support is accessible for anyone in our community. A primary step is increasing awareness of mental health challenges and existing resources and identifying the important role mental health has on community well-being

More Facts

In Eagle County we experienced 60 hospitalizations for suicide attempts between 2007 and 2011; in 2017, 142 patients were seen in our local emergency room with complaints of suicidal or homicidal ideation.

31% of Eagle County residents report their mental health was not good on one or more days during the previous month.

28% of Eagle County adults and adolescents report binge drinking in the previous month.

Reducing Carbon Monoxide Risk

Under the leadership of the local Red Cross, EVCF funded and assisted in installing nearly 120 carbon monoxide monitors at Eagle River Village Mobile Home Park in Edwards. In November, EVCF was notified that a newly installed monitor alerted a family to a leak, and they evacuated the home for the night. The monitor that most of us take for granted may have avoided a local disaster.

The opportunity to purchase and install carbon monoxide monitors in local homes was funded by the Founding Families of EVCF.


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