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MIRA Staff Virginia Lecea Eagle County Colorado
by Cheryl Patrick Aug 23, 2023

Virginia Lecea

People & Culture Ops. Manager

970-331-3716 | 

Hailing originally from Argentina, Virginia embarked on a journey to the United States about 16 years ago. Drawn by the awe-inspiring efforts of nonprofit organizations within the community, the decision to become part of the EVCF family emerged at the close of 2020. Commencing her journey in an operations capacity with the MIRA Bus, she later transitioned into a pivotal role overseeing People Operations. Presently, her responsibilities encompass the comprehensive domain of People & Programs at EVCF. Immensely appreciative of the opportunity to contribute within such an esteemed organization, she takes pride in facilitating top-tier products and services for the community’s benefit. Her enthusiasm brims over for both the ongoing initiatives and forthcoming endeavors aimed at dismantling barriers and uplifting lives. During her leisure moments, Virginia finds solace in the embrace of nature’s beauty alongside her cherished family.

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