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by Grace Anshutz Oct 2, 2023

Tim Shannon

Tim and Wendy Shannon came to the Eagle county valley area in 2018. Throughout the various communities that have been their home, it has been important to them that they serve within their community. ECVF’s focus on healthy food security, healthcare and mentorship certainly touches their heart and desire to serve.

Tim’s professional background was in various sales, marketing and technology leadership positions at Ownes Corning. Afterwards he started Larimer Shannon Group, which is a manufacturer representative company with a focus on the sales and marketing of commercial exterior construction materials to specialty contractors, architects, distributors, consultants and building owners (private and public sector).

As for the non-profit area, he has a successful history with the Boys and Girls Club, Global Orphan Project and Care Portal… with the latter two having a global footprint with a focus on orphan prevention and foster care. The roles and actions with these organizations have ranged from board positions to “boots on the ground” positions. An important part of his business charter is to be actively involved in the community and serving those in need… especially children, young adults and families.

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