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by Grace Anshutz Oct 3, 2023

Samantha Hodgkins

Entrepreneurial leader of non-profits, high-growth start-ups and corporate businesses. Expertise in strategic planning, growing revenue, building organizations and launching initiatives, programs & products. Passion for impacting community development, including the empowerment of girls and women, to make Eagle County a prosperous and inclusive place to live.
In roles as CMO / SVP Marketing and Brand Development, responsibility for crafting brand / mission-centric initiatives requiring strategic vision and emotional buy-in, delivering revenue for annual operations as well as long-term strategic growth &
endowment. Additionally, as Founder & CEO of a for-good / for-profit social enterprise, personal direction of all business operations, identifying, incubating, launching and scaling programs to forge deep emotional connections, rally stakeholders around a compelling cause, and inspire dedication of time, talent & treasure. Extensive work developing programs for volunteer, donor, brand ambassador, Board member and stakeholder recruitment and stewardship to successfully execute key initiatives, programs and products.

Samantha Hodgkins is Founder & Chief FireStarter of SparkFire Active, a for-profit for-good consumer brand business. With a passion for elevating & empowering girls, a love of adventure & exploration, and a deep expertise in consumer branding & engagement, Samantha’s core expertise is in building brands, driving business growth and developing organizational capabilities, particularly in the areas of consumer insights, new product innovation and commercialization excellence.

 Samantha leads all entrepreneurial aspects of SparkFire Active as start-up, including brand positioning, product development, consumer marketing, digital engagement, partnership development and everything in between. She is a seasoned senior marketing executive with deep professional background in the Consumer Products industry, leading both Fortune 500 brands and high-growth entrepreneurial B2C start-ups. 

She is an avid explorer, adventurer and global traveler, as well as a lifelong active woman who has played sports all her life, including as a NCAA Div 1 college athlete.

Samantha has a joint BS/BA degree in Industrial Engineering and Art History from Stanford University, and her MBA at University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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