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Jennifer Barcza EVCF Communications & Marketing Coordinator
by Cheryl Patrick Aug 23, 2023

Jennifer Barcza

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

970-390-6619 |

After having graduated with a BA from Washington University in St. Louis, Jen moved to Boston to begin her Marketing career in educational publishing. Desiring a change, she then moved to Boulder where her focus shifted to nonprofit marketing and development. Unsure as to whether she belonged in the breathtaking mountains or by the glorious coastal waters, Jen returned to New England where she joined the Communications Office of Phillips Academy in Andover, got married and had two spectacular children. Alas, the CO mountains remained close to heart so in 2012, Jen and her family moved to Eagle, CO, and in 2020 began her new journey with EVCF. Inspired by the Foundation’s exceptional commitment to humanity, Jen embraces every opportunity to share our message… for together, we are passionate people doing powerful work to create proven impact.

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