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by Cheryl Patrick Jul 26, 2023

Erin Janklow

Erin Janklow is an accomplished entrepreneur and MBA graduate with a passion for empowering others through education and innovation. Trilingual in Italian, Spanish, and English, she possesses a deep understanding of cultural diversity and intersectionality – and is always eager to continue learning. Erin is driven by her commitment to social impact and has demonstrated her expertise in product development and management throughout her career.

As the Founder and CEO of Entrada: Employer-Sponsored Learning, Erin developed a framework to teach front-line immigrants English in just 100 days. By combining grammar and psychology, the company provided a sustainable path to upward mobility within the workforce. She was recognized as a Power Woman of DC Tech as well as DC’s 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs in 2019. As a consultant for the Eagle County Community Foundation, she now leads programming for ELEVAR. Erin is also a meditation guide, intuitive channel, and Soul Body Fusion Teacher Trainer.

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