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by Maya Darnall May 29, 2024

Gula Wellness

Gula Wellness is an online herbal apothecary and Ayurveda consulting company. They were founded in 2020 with the mission to share plant medicine with the world and make it easy to be healthy while being earth conscious. They make specialized high quality organic herbal and beauty preparations. Their consultations are unique to each individual and offer truly personalized health recommendations. Gula Wellness products are made with sustainable packaging and sustainability is part of our business model.

Their Mission is to inspire you to bring wellness into your life. They aim to empower you to see your health as a holistic endeavor. Wellness is NOT a restrictive diet, its learning how to speak the language of your body. By sharing the knowledge of ancient healing modalities, such as Ayurveda, you will begin to explore your health in a whole new way.

Wellness is so much more than diet and exercise. It’s about HOW we feel when we eat, play, and live in community.

The name Gula come from an ancient Mesopotamian goddess of health, wellbeing and transformation. She inspires the transformation of mind, body and soul.

Transformative Healing: Unlock your true potential – Our mind and our spirit are as important as our bodies when it comes to health. Their purpose is to help you transform your belief systems about what is means to feel and be healthy.

Express your SoulOur outer body is a reflection of our inner space.

They make everything with love!
And only use natural organic ingredients!

Visit them here at their website or check out their social media, Instagram and Facebook to learn more!

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