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by Maya Darnall May 29, 2024

Boundless appreciation for being true community leaders, Chics Couture.

Our collective dedication is paramount in shaping our community into an exceptional place to live, work, and nurture families. Every endeavor we undertake, every decision we make, must reverberate with the mission of fortifying and enriching our community’s fabric. 

Let us recognize this compassion in spades as we celebrate our friends at Chics Couture for donating upscale clothing to several local nonprofit organizations, including EVCF and our programs, to empower and uplift community members. Our MIRA program, in turn, created a special Mother’s Day events directly in our local, high need communities, sharing garments with individuals who likely otherwise would never be afforded access to such a beautiful assortment.

We remain awe-inspired by the give back commitment in helping to uplift community members in need, helping to build a stronger, more cohesive and more equitable community. When individuals, organizations, and businesses rally to serve a greater good, we see the power of community shine. And that is truly something special.

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