Eagle Valley Community Foundation is a nontraditional community foundation serving the most vulnerable families living and working in the Eagle River Valley. On behalf of all our stakeholders, thank you for your support.

Our Foundational Families & Sustaining Supporters

Many local families have taken the first step in supporting the creation of a traditional community foundation to serve the Eagle River Valley. This “Family of Founders” consider themselves catalyst investors and entrepreneurs. Eagle Valley Community Foundation’s belief in a hopeful and optimistic community that values and embraces innovative, creative and inclusive leadership, collaboration, open communication, and resourceful stewardship of assets, resonates with our founders. It is our hope that this generous support will expand to include thousands of annual supporters, each investing in line with their capacity and passion for addressing important local issues.

Become a Sustaining Supporter. A three year contribution of $10,000 + per year sustains Eagle Valley Community Foundation as a critical resource, accelerating purposeful action to meet needs of our service based community.

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EVCF Board Members and Advisors
EVCF Board Members and Advisors

Margo and George Andrews
Christine and John Bakalar
Beck Building Company, Inc.
Kimberly and David Bernstein
Cynthia G Biondi
Nancy and Gary Chartrand
Ulrika and Joel Citron
Cathy Curran
Amy and Steve Coyer
Ron Davis
Doe Browning and Jack Hunn
Kathy and Dave Ferguson
Betsy and Jesse Fink
Beverly and Philip Freedman
Sue and Dan Godec
Lisa and Bruce Goldman
Cynthia and Dan Helle
Lynn and Don Janklow
Jeanne and Harry McQueeney
Jeanne and Dale Mosier
Carla and TK Kortendick
Merv Lapin and Laine Coffey

Laura and Jeff Malehorn
Jennifer and Philip Maritz
Elizabeth and Steven Miller
Michele Mittelman
Carol and H. Lynn Moore
Mary and Ron Pressman
Amy and Jay Regan
Lindsay and Art Reimers
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
June and Paul Rossetti
Sue and Mike Rushmore
Laurie G. Schoen
Wendy and Tim Shannon
Carol and Kevin H. Sharer
Beth and Bill Simon
Beth and Rod Slifer
Julie and Hugh Sullivan
Nancy and Jon Tellor
Vail Resorts Epic Promise
Mark and Lynn Wurzer
Mike and Lorrie Zupon

Board of Directors

The people governing and advising the EVCF staff are continuously in line with the scope of our work in the community. The current board and advisors to the organization include the following:


Eagle Valley Community Foundation  Executive Director

Melina Valsecia

Melina Valsecia
Melina is an advocate for the overall health and well- being of families and children. Her empathy and service to customers has strengthened our connections with the people we serve. As a native Spanish speaker, Melina is able to personally engage our diverse community to ensure needs are being met and resources are being supplied. Her extensive hands-on involvement has helped to foster a sense of trust, hope, and wellness throughout the Eagle Valley. Melina has been a key staff member with Eagle Valley Community Foundation since June of 2018 when she accepted the role of Chief Operations Manager for MIRA. As well, Melina has been the Executive Director of Neighborhood Navigators of Eagle County for the past three years.

PRESS RELEASE: The Eagle Valley Community Foundation has selected Melina Valsecia as the Executive Director.


If you’re interested in making more possible in the Eagle River Valley contact us at info@eaglevalleycf.org or 970-855-2386