In Eagle County today, two main barriers to access to quality childcare—cost and capacity—are leaving approximately 1,300 children ages five and under without licensed childcare. According to the Foundation, average childcare costs range from $9,600 for a four-year-old to more than $12,000 for an infant each year. This grant will provide childcare scholarships for families who are unable to participate in Head Start and long-term expansion of the childcare capacity in Eagle County. It also will help license 60 additional teachers in Eagle County. Combined with the scholarships, the grant will provide access to quality childcare for 420 more children in the county.

“We know from a large body of research the importance of the early years in setting a strong foundation for children’s future learning and success. The research also points to the importance of high-quality childcare professionals. Colorado Mountain College is eager to grow and develop the passions, confidence and professional skills for those who care for our children. We are thrilled to be a partner in growing early childhood professional development throughout Eagle County. Through the generosity of this gift from Rob and Elana, early childhood teachers win, families win and most of all, our children win,” said Kathryn Regjo, vice president of Colorado Mountain College Edwards Campus.

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